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Ant Javadoc and GitHub

During our Systems Design Project course at Edinburgh we hit the problem of a large team coding on separate parts of a system and not having instant access to each other like we would in a development office environment.

We wanted to create a easy, automated way to share documentation about code which was being worked on in separate branches. The code was already being documented by JavaDoc and some of use were generating it adhoc to look at other peoples stuff.

I had used Github pages service before (this site is hosted there). Since our code was already hosted there this would create an easy platform to view the generated JavaDoc as a web page, independent of the branch it was on.

Ant was being used to build the code so it was a simple task to add an ant task into generate the JavaDoc and then call a script that would upload it Github pages.

Ant Task

<target name="javadocgenerate"> 
    <javadoc packagenames="uk.ac.ed.inf.sdp2012.group7.*"
        windowtitle="Group 7 PC code"> 
    <exec executable="/bin/bash"> 
        <arg value="publish.sh"/> 

Bash Script

# Push javadoc files to a website hosted by github <http://pages.github.com/>.
# Before executing this script, generate the javadoc files into pcdoc
#David Fraser

# find out the current branch so we know where to switch back
OLD_BRANCH=`git branch --no-color | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'`

git checkout gh-pages || exit $?

# Clear out the old files: (files which will be served)
rm -rf javadoc/* 

# Replace them with new files and commit them:
cp -pr pcdoc/* javadoc \
&& git add javadoc \
&& git commit -a -m "generated javadoc"

#Remove the generated doc
rm -rf pcdoc/*

git push origin gh-pages || exit $?

# Switch back to the old branch
git checkout $OLD_BRANCH || exit $?

All the user has to do is call ‘ant javadocgenerate’ and any JavaDoc they have added to the code will be generate and put online. It does take 5 or 10 minutes for the docs to appear online but Github notify you when the page is built.


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